National Chess Championship 2024

Top 9 players from the National Chess Championship Qualifiers 2024 (May 11-25, 2024) will advance to meet current National Champion CM Taffin Khan.

Section: Open

Tournament Venue: The Racquet Center, Woolford Avenue.

Rules: The tournament will follow all FIDE rules and the regulations set forth by the Guyana Chess Federation for this event.

Format: The tournament will use a 9-round Round-Robin system. Each player will have 90 minutes for their game with an additional 30-second increment starting from the first move.

Late Arrival

  • Players who arrive more than 30 minutes late from the scheduled start time of a round will automatically forfeit their game.
  • Players anticipating potential lateness should contact the Chief Arbiter to discuss possible accommodations.


  • We will determine tournament standings based on the number of points each player accumulates.
  • In the event of a tie, we will determine the winner by applying the following tiebreak systems, in this order:
  • We will declare the champion as the player with the highest points. In the case where two players have earned the same amount of points, and have been determined by the tie-break calculations that these players hold the first and second place positions, a play-off will be held (please see play-off section below). All other places will be determined according to the tie-break calculations.


If required, a play-off consisting of three games with decreasing time-controls of 20 minutes, 10 minutes and 5 minutes will be played to determine the National Champion. Players will alternate colours, with the first colour being decided by a coin toss by the player in the first position as determined by the tie-break calculations. The player winning two points out of the possible three will be declared the winner. If the players after these three games are still tied, sudden death 5-minute games will be played until there is an outright winner. These play-offs may or may not be played on the last day of the tournament.

The Tournament Organisers expect the highest standards of behaviour and fair play by the participants.

Default Time: The player who has not made a move thirty (30) minutes after the official start of the rounds shall lose his/her game.

Players are requested to note the requirements with respect to their dignified appearance at all times during the tournament. Slippers, shorts, sunglasses, sports caps and revealing attire are not allowed.

FIDE Arbiters
John Lee - Chief Arbiter
Anand Raghunauth - Arbiter


After each round/game is finished, players are asked to exit the playing room and return only at the start of the next round.