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Welcome to the world of chess! As the governing body for chess in Guyana, we provide the ultimate resource for players, schools, organizers, and fans. Join us to enjoy the thrill of the game and become part of our growing community.

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Guyana National Chess Champions


National Champion 2024

Jessica Callender

National Women’s Champion 2024


Under-16 Open Champion 2024


Under-16 Girls Champion 2024


Under-14 Open Champion 2024


Under-14 Girls Champion 2024


Under-12 Girls Champion 2024


National Champion 2023

Jessica Callender

National Women’s Champion 2023

Keron Sandiford

National Junior Champion 2023

Alexander Zhang

Under-16 Open Champion 2023


Under-16 Girls Champion 2023

Kyle Couchman

Under-14 Open Champion 2023


Under-14 Girls Champion 2023


Under-12 Girls Champion 2023

Aquilani Swaminadha

Under-12 Open Champion 2023


Under-12 Open Champion 2024


Under-12 Girls Champion


| March 3-10, 2024 | International Team Tournament | RAMADA Georgetown Princess Hotel 


About Us

The Federation

The Guyana Chess Federation is the national chess body responsible for the development of chess in Guyana. The Federation focuses on continually enhancing the attractiveness of the game to the youth by creating a brand that embodies Creativity, Competitiveness and Allure. We seek to establish the game at the top of the mind of the youth and seek as a priority to increase the number of female players. It is essential that in the execution of this strategy that chess is viewed as a pastime that can be enjoyed by all, starting at the grassroots.

Our mission

To implement policies and initiatives that will achieve the aim of having a chess club in every Neighborhood in Guyana.


The Federation is governed by a diverse and dedicated team of business professionals and chess players who are dedicated to the growth of chess in Guyana

Corporate Documentation

The Guyana Chess Federation is incorporated under the Laws of Guyana. Please click the link below for copies of relevant documentation.


Some of the things we do.

building future players

Chess Classes

Online chess classes for all levels of players. From the curious to those looking to excel. Training for teachers and arbiters is also provided.

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event management

Chess Tournaments

Organising and running of tournaments, bullet, blitz and classical, online or in person. We can provide turnkey services for your next tournament - just provide the players.

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international participation

World Federation representation

Getting Guyana's chess players registered with the World Chess Federation (FIDE) and ensuring all arrangements are made for travel and accommodations.

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Chess in Schools

The Guyana Chess Federation's program to develop chess in every school in Guyana

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Our Programs

Learn about our initiatives to introduce chess in schools and community centers, and the benefits it offers for academic, social, and emotional development.

Queenside Grils Chess Camp (1)

The Curriculum

Download our free resources to teach chess to students of all ages and levels, including lesson plans, exercises, quizzes, and puzzles.

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The Clubs

Join our network of school chess clubs, find other clubs nearby, and share your experiences and strategies with other educators and volunteers.

Guyana Women in Chess Community

Queens of the Board

The Committee

Meet the members of our Women in Chess Committee, and learn about their goals to promote gender equity and diversity in the chess community

The Players

Discover the stories and achievements of female chess players around the world, and how they overcome the challenges of the game and the society.

The Events

Participate in our women-only tournaments, workshops, and mentorship programs, and find out how to support and sponsor women in chess.

Our Sponsors

Making the difference to Chess in Guyana

News Articles and Information

Sharing the latest posts and local chess news

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